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Hoteles Posada de San Carlos

Posada de San Carlos Hotels are a small chain of hotels made up of three properties located in the “Heart of Antigua Guatemala”.

Posada de San Carlos del Parque is a family hotel, Posada de San Carlos La Quinta is a Bed & Breakfast and Posada de San Carlos La Calzada is our most budget friendly accommodation.

All three properties are excellently located, have comfortable rooms and are characterized by their warmth hospitality as well as their cleanliness which makes our guests feel at home.

The hotels differ in terms of the distance from the Central Park, the size of the rooms and the amenities offered to the guests.


In order to be recognized and commended by local and foreign tourists, we opérate under a quality system and environment processes which ensure responsible profitability as well as the stability and prosperity of our partners and community in Antigua Guatemala.


We are a family business committed to our customers’ satisfaction. Quality is our priority and we keep close attention to contentment our guest throughout their stay with us.

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Posada de San Carlos is a chain of 3 Hotels located in the heart of Antigua Guatemala, with a total of 32 rooms and a maximum capacity of 95 people.

The three properties are very well located a few minutes away from Antigua’s Central Park, all of them have comfortable rooms, great service and low rates, we will be more than happy to help you and your family to have the best experience in our charm City.

Posada de San Carlos La Calzada

Anteriormente llamado “Posada de San Jerónimo”

Calzada Santa Lucia Norte #25 Antigua Guatemala

Posada de San Carlos La Quinta

Anteriormente llamado “Posada de San Agustín”

5ta Calle Poniente #22 Antigua Guatemala